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P.S. You Should Know... | Issue #110

👋 Welcome back to P.S. You Should Know… probably the best newsletter published on Sundays between 6-7
May 5 · Issue #110 · View online
P.S. You Should Know...
👋 Welcome back to P.S. You Should Know… probably the best newsletter published on Sundays between 6-7am CST, and definitely the best one published by me. Now in its third year!

my story 🚀
Long ago I came to terms with the reality that almost nobody can pronounce my name right on the first try. Nowadays it seems like sooo many coffee shops ask for my name at the time of order. They always get it wrong, or force me to repeat myself 2-3x. So I’ve decide to at least have fun with it. From now on, I will tell them my name is Rufio. I hope that one of these days, whoever calls out my name does it with the right flair: Ru-Fi-OOOOHHHHH! Video below for context if you need it 😊.
The Best of Rufio (Hook-1991)
More books for you!
📘 Power Moves: Lessons from Davos by Adam Grant (Nonfiction / Power)
📙 Fooled by Randomness: The Hidden Role of Chance in Life and in the Markets by Nassim Nicholas Taleb (Nonfiction / Decision-making)
someone else's words 💬
fun facts 🙌
Kidnapping: a very efficient business. Reading this, I learned a lot about both kidnapping as a business and the insurance product that’s been created around it. As you might guess, it’s a complicated relationship. | learn more
A fake trip to Coachella on Instagram. Never trust the internet! “London-based YouTuber Byron Denton fooled many of his Instagram followers by pretending to be at Coachella, though some caught onto his prank.” | learn more
oh, chicago 🏆
The ‘Wild Mile’ plan to bring wildlife, kayaking, and more to Chicago River. “The project will transform the east side of the river, across from Goose Island, but plans include nature elements in Bucktown at the corner of North and Magnolia Avenues.” | learn more
Aldermanic drama over a West Loop development. At a meeting to discuss approval of a new building, Ald. Walter Burnett stormed out after being questioned about whether the developers contributed to his campaign. He makes a good point that the people complaining about this proposed building are living in a newly-built disputed building that he fought to approve. | learn more
tech, startups, internet ⚡
Five synthetic biology companies to watch this year. This whole industry is just amazing to me. The future is bright! | learn more
Tech’s new stars have it all - except a path to high profits. As a wave of tech IPOs are about to sweep the retail landscape, the Economist cautions readers to avoid investing at current valuations. Mostly because these companies are unprofitable and their markets may not be as winner-take-all as expected. | learn more
Coworking is commonplace, and now Coliving is a thing. I’m interested in learning more about this trend. So far it seems to be on the rise for younger single people. Will it become more common? Will it ever be a fit for families? | learn more
to your health ⚕
Can the culture of overtreatment be curbed in medical training? “Ordering more tests or treatments is not always best for patients’ health or wallet. A group of medical educators is trying to address the problem where they think it starts: medical training.” | learn more
retail therapy 💸
Amazon enters the freight brokerage business. I probably should have expected this, but I didn’t. Have you visited recently? “Amazon could build a zero-margin equivalent of C.H. Robinson inside the ‘shipping costs’ line on its P&L without anyone noticing.” | learn more
better doing 🎯
Avoiding stupidity is easier than seeking brilliance. Farnam Street combines a few disparate examples and ideas to make the point that in some games playing not to lose is the optimal strategy. Know what game you’re playing. | learn more
under the microscope 🔬
Drug trial explores strange link between gum disease bacteria and Alzheimers. “A provocative new study is suggesting the same bacteria responsible for gum disease is also the primary pathogenic cause of Alzheimer’s disease. Not only that, but a new drug developed to inhibit these bacterial toxins and treat Alzheimer’s is moving into major human clinical trials later this year.” | learn more
thoughts of food 🍔
Chicago’s ‘Milk Bar’ being sued for trademark infringement. “The New York-based bakery alleges Jojo’s Milk Bar is ripping off both its name and its logo.” Turns out they’re not the same company… I have to say, I thought there was an affiliation, so the “confusion in the marketplace” argument seems pretty applicable. | learn more
big ideas 📚
Fuel cell system converts atmospheric CO2 into usable electric current. Is this too good to be true? Anyone know a good chemist who can weigh in? “Korean and US engineers devise hybrid sodium-carbon dioxide fuel cell that eliminates carbon dioxide and produces electricity and hydrogen.” | learn more
the end ✅
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